Nearby homeowners have complained about the noisy, very early-morning bell, and written official letters to the district chief, Bangkok Post

The Bangkok Post-Oct 5

Accusations of excessively loud bell ringing by a Buddhist temple in the city’s Bang Kho Laem area have drawn a mixed reaction and also confrontation. A resident of a nearby condominium lodged a series of complaints with police and the district office, which subsequently raised the issue with the temple’s abbot. According to the complaints, Wat Sai rings its bells at rather unholy hours, at 3.30-4am every day. The resident was upset by the noise, complaining it wakes her up. According to news reports, she is unhappy with all kinds of temple noise, including celebrations following kathin or pha paa ceremonies. The reports said she would pick up the phone and bombard the monks with complaints and then the authorities if the former ignored her.

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First published in: Bangkok Post