China Daily  

Sept 27, 2017


In the keynote speech he delivered at the opening of the 86th General Assembly of International Criminal Police Organization held in Beijing on Tuesday, President Xi Jinping praised Interpol for the role it plays in maintaining world security and stability.

The meeting offered an opportunity for China to strengthen its cooperation with the international law enforcement organization, and Xi vowed to continuously extend China’s support to the organization so it can play a bigger role in international law enforcement and global security governance.

Since its founding more than 90 years ago, Interpol’s role in deepening international law enforcement cooperation and effectively tackling crime worldwide has become increasingly important as organized criminal activities have expanded across borders and nontraditional security threats have become more complex.

As evidence of this, Chinese police handled 2,542 investigative requests from foreign police forces that were transmitted via Interpol last year, up 140 percent from the year before.

In recognition of China’s past support for the organization, Chinese Vice-Minister of Public Security Meng Hongwei was elected president of the organization at Interpol’s 85th General Assembly held in Bali, Indonesia, in November.

Given the global challenge of combating corruption, terrorism, cyber crimes, people trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering, Xi’s pledge of practical support will be of great value to enhance the effectiveness of international law enforcement efforts.

And considering the increasingly interconnected, cross-border and diversified nature of global security issues in the world today, people will understand why Xi stressed in his speech China’s willingness to work with other countries and their law enforcement bodies to build a community of shared security.

It is China’s belief that greater cooperation and strengthened efforts are also needed to ensure countries have the capability to fulfill that shared responsibility to fight transnational criminal activities and nontraditional security threats.

As Xi said, the diversity of such crimes and threats is becoming ever more prominent and no country is immune to them. Such a perception explains why China has made unremitting efforts to seek security cooperation with other countries and international organizations such as Interpol.

All countries should realize they share a common cause in fighting crime and promoting security, and they should strive to work together for the good of all.