Rice production in Cambodia, May 2013, Asia Foundation. Wikimedia Commons


Khmer Time-Nov 26, 2018

In 2015, the Cambodian government’s set target of exporting one million tons of rice fell short the moment it was announced. First, the target was not met in 2015. And then from 2015, it has failed every year to meet the much trumpeted export quota.

The failure to achieve the target is symptomatic of the ills plaguing Cambodia’s rice sector. There is a myriad of factors, the most significant of which are some of the key industry players refusing to have anything to do with the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), apathy on the part of the CRF and its members, inability to have collective bargaining or negotiating power with major importers such as China, and self-serving greed and disunity amongst the federation members.

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First published in: Khmer Times