Confiscated illegal drugs in Mexico, 2007. Wikimedia Commons

By Joel Ruiz Butuyan

The Philippine Daily Inquirer-Nov 19

We hate China for causing drug addiction to worsen in our country, because it plays host to drug syndicates that export shabu to our shores. But we have no guilt playing host to online gambling syndicates which are causing gambling addiction to worsen in China.  Huge shipments of shabu with telltale origins from China have repeatedly been intercepted in our country. Big-time shabu manufacturing laboratories operated by men from mainland China have also been busted several times in various parts of our country. And, despite President Duterte’s grant of favorable economic and political concessions to China, the latter has not reciprocated by showing elevated efforts to stop the flow of illegal drugs from its shores to ours.

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First published in: The Philippine Daily Inquirer